Hi From Bill, Deb & Brook!

We are the Fogarty family and we have spent a lot of time dreaming of a simpler, more self sufficient life, on a farm. Our Journey has finally begun! With Bill, a truck driver, myself, a Registered Nurse, and Brook a full time kid, we worked hard, saved up and finally bought our dream homestead in 2019. We named it “Blues Away” because it’s so happy and peaceful here that your blues fade away! 

We grow a garden and preserve as much of our food as possible. We also trade and buy from local farmers, those basic needs that we can't produce ourselves. Our goats provide us with good nutritious milk and there are even chickens for eggs.

But, here comes the most exciting part... As a nurse, mother, and grandmother, I believe what you put ON your body can be just as important as what you put IN it. Therefore, I have also begun making soap, lotion sticks, deodorant and lip balm! All natural, of course (no poisonous chemicals). Since I have been making our own products, Bill's eczema has cleared completely and Brook and I no longer break out in mystery rashes. I even wash our clothes in goat milk laundry soap.

Friends and family keep telling us that I should sell my soap. So after much prayer, thought and discussion, we are putting our faith in God to share our products with you.

Welcome to Blues Away homestead - home of Goats and Gifts!

Our Annual Fall Kids Day Was a Hit!
A big thank you Faith Baptist Church of Cadillac September 25, 2021